Ichiro Kojima
Solitude Standing

1st edition 1,000 copies
80 pages, 62 black & white plates
cloth on hardcover, embossed
text ; Japanese and English
book design ; Katsuya Kato
size ; 270mm x 225mm x 18mm
release date ; August 2024
with booklet  ( Evening Sun in Tokyo )
text by Shigemi Takahashi ( Aomori museum of Art )
12 pages, 6 black & white plates
roshin books 2024
ISBN 978-4-909742-05-6


近年の出版物として「小島一郎 hysteric eleven(ヒステリックグラマー刊 2004)」、「小島一郎写真集成 (インスクリプト刊 2009)」が出版されているが、roshin booksは小島作品に存在する孤独、孤高な側面から作品を見つめ直し、未発表の作品を含めて新たに「Solitude Standing」として編集しました。


As a photographer, Ichiro Kojima began his career after returning from the war and continued for a brief period of only ten years until his passing. Despite this brevity, his remaining works dramatically depict the people and landscapes of Tohoku, continuing to captivate viewers to this day.

Recent publications include "Ichiro Kojima hysteric eleven" (published by Hysteric Glamour in 2004) and "Ichiro Kojima Shashinshu Sei (published by Inscript in 2009)," but roshin books has taken a fresh perspective on his works, particularly focusing on the solitary and solitary towering aspects found in Kojima's works, including unpublished pieces, and newly editing them as "Solitude Standing."

Additionally, a separate volume was produced featuring Kojima's last work published in a camera magazine, "Evening Sun in Tokyo" (including one unpublished piece among six). Having received awards for his Tsugaru works and despite the anguish of not being able to surpass his Tohoku works that led him to success even after moving to Tokyo, it is thought that beyond the sunsets of Tokyo he gazed upon with a worn-out heart, he could see the snow-covered landscapes of Tsugaru. With such thoughts in mind, this separate volume was created.