Yoko Kusano  草野庸子

Across the Sea

limited edition 700 copies
88 pages, 
56 color plates
hardcover, embossed
text ; Japanese and English
book design ; Katsuya Kato
size ; 183mm x 222mm x 14mm
roshin books 2018
ISBN 978-4-909742-00-1
sold out
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Across the Seaは、草野庸子が初めてロンドンに訪れた時に撮影した写真で構成された作品です。
roshin booksではそれを丁寧に一つの作品へと創り上げました。
 1993年生  福島県出身
The photobook “Across the Sea” consists of photographs taken by Yoko Kusano during her first stay in London.
For Kusano, whose photography captures everyday life’s intricacies in sharp detail, it is her first contact with the city and its sights. Her story begins from somewhat distant viewpoint, but gradually Kusano accepts the muted loneliness she feels in this new world and begins to react purely and harmoniously to everything her eyes encounter.
Her gaze somewhat blurred and sleepy, her vision yet lights up occasionally. The loneliness of London is the same loneliness she had known in Tokyo, after moving there on her own from her home in Fukushima. What Kusano sees before her is, after all, nothing but the same present moment as it exists anywhere else in the world.
With great care, roshin books has combined Kusano’s experiences into a single photobook.
Born in Fukushima in 1993